From the smallest tree-trimming project to the most detailed and difficult tree removals, our team here at Michigan Tree & Landscaping, Inc. can handle your project with ease. For over 30 years, we have been providing the state of Michigan with unparalleled tree care and services. If you are looking for any tree care services in Michigan, contact the expert team here at Michigan Tree & Landscaping Inc.

Tree Trimming

Any real estate agent will tell you that your home’s curb appeal is extremely important. One of the best ways to quickly and efficiently improve your home’s aesthetic appeal is by trimming your trees. Keeping your trees well-trimmed and looking great won’t just keep your home looking beautiful, it can actually increase the value of your home. We can easily help you with topping and shaping your trees, keeping them looking beautiful and free and clear from your home, telephone wires, and other potential hazards.

Tree Removal

Large and difficult tree removal is what we are known for. We have the equipment to get to the tightest of spaces and get your job done safely and efficiently. It doesn’t matter how close your problematic tree is to your home, we can quickly and easily remove any trees that you need taken out. Once the tree is removed, we will grind down the stump and leave no refuse behind. We leave every job site immaculate so you do not have to worry about clean up.


As a tree trimming and removal company, you can probably guess that we have a lot of extra firewood lying around. If you are looking for extra firewood, or want to save your removed tree’s wood for your firewood, we are happy to help you.

Tree Diagnosis

One of the best ways to ensure that your trees stay happy and healthy is to treat them before any major issues arrive. For over 30 years, our tree specialists have been treating and caring for Michigan’s trees. If you are looking for elite tree care in Michigan, look no further than Michigan Tree & Landscaping, Inc.

Tree Planting

Our elite staff of tree specialists are happy to help you plant any tree, no matter how big or small. We ensure that your tree has the proper soil to thrive, is planted in an area with good sun, and is far enough from your home to thrive for decades to come.

Our reputation with insurance companies is excellent and we can work with adjusters to make your job hassle-free with no out of pocket expenses to you.

We provide free and realistic estimates that will accurately get the job done for you.